Back-To-School Shopping: 13 Struggles That Are All Too Real For Parents

Save us from the velcro shoes.

September is on the horizon and not only does that mean you need to re-establish the sleep routine that has been destroyed over the summer, but you also need to think about sending your kids back to school.

No one enjoys the dreaded shopping list, (least of all your bank account), and if you don’t get it sorted quickly it can take over your entire summer holiday.

Here are 13 struggles parents face when back-to-school shopping.

1. Being unable to comprehend that it is nearly September again.

2. Wondering how they have managed to lose everything from last term.

3. Regretting being so spend-happy with all the summer days out.

4. Being convinced that the shops are worse than on Christmas Eve.

5. Trying to work out the best time to go to avoid seeing all the other parents from school.

6. Analysing the school supplies list to see what you can totally ditch.

7. Waiting for the inevitable fight about which shoes you’re buying.

8. Thinking about all the nice stuff you could buy yourself for the same price.

9. Handing over money for something you know won’t fit them in six months.

10. Maintaining your poker face when you tell them an XL blazer is definitely their size.

11. Falling into a black hole of stationary purchases.

12. Being unable to remember why you allowed them to buy three types of glitter pen.

13. Finding all the new purchases under the sofa in the first week of term.

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