03/06/2017 11:16 BST

Boris Johnson Blows A Kiss At Ian Lavery And Calls Andrew Gwynne A 'Big Girl's Blouse'

He almost ended up on the floor at one point.

Boris Johnson put on a bizarre display of behaviour on Friday night which included blowing kisses and almost falling over.

Ahead of the BBC Question Time special featuring Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn, the foreign secretary was interviewed on Sky News.

While answering a question, Labour campaign chief Andrew Gwynne popped into the frame, asking Johnson why he would not go head to head with him.

He said: “I’m being heckled by some Labour MP whose name… oh, Andrew Gwynne who has just joined me. If he wants to come and join me-

“Come on then you big girl’s blouse. Come on then. Come on then. Come on.

“He wants to join me. My friend Mr Andrew Gwynne has requested a joint appearance and I am not one to try and crowd him out.”

Then pair then proceeded to have an exchange about leaving the European Union before Johnson appeared to try to push him away.

Both stumbled and almost fell to the floor, with Gwynne remarking: “Don’t be a pillock.”

This isn’t the first time the two have fallen out on Sky News either - this is from just a few weeks ago...

But his clash wth Gwynne wasn’t BoJo’s only odd moment.

He was also spotted blowing a kiss at Labour’s Ian Lavery:

As well as appearing to square up to him:

Ian Lavery had accused Johnson of never having been to a food bank, while he retorted by saying he actually opened one while he was mayor of London, insisting: “Take that back, old boy.”

The Question Time special saw Theresa May face an angry audience in York, in perhaps her most gruelling grilling to date.

Meanwhile Jeremy Corbyn managed to get many of his key messages across, despite struggling with uncomfortable moments on topics such as Trident and the IRA.