Boris Johnson Pulls Out Of Conservative Party Leadership Race, Twitter Has The Last Laugh

"There's an irony in Boris failing to clean up his own mess, despite being the candidate to most resemble a mop."

Boris Johnson shocked the nation on Thursday when he announced he wouldn't run for the leadership of the Conservative Party, despite literally everyone expecting him to after he captained the Vote Leave campaign.

Needless to say, the people of Twitter took the opportunity to launch a few jokes at the expense of their favourite messy-haired target.

Lots were tapping into the fact he broke up the UK's relationship with the EU and divided the country - then decided to run off

Everyone was frankly stunned by the cattiness going on between Gove and Boris

In fact, BoJo's name has already become a way of describing the situation

The reaction from journalists was much the same as those of the British public

And people drew parallels with many, many TV shows

And we can only imagine how David Cameron must've felt

Many people started to ponder what he might do now that his prime ministerial hopes have been trashed

But, really, did he ever have a chance?