13/12/2018 14:51 GMT | Updated 13/12/2018 16:41 GMT

The Rest Of The World Is Finding The UK's Latest Brexit Turmoil Totally Ridiculous

Everyone is laughing at us.

Us Brits may be finding the latest Brexit turmoil and Conservative party in-fighting laughable, depressing and exhausting, but around the world onlookers are well and truly stunned. 

We may not be making the smoothest exit from the EU, what with a delayed vote, a leadership challenge and more backstop mentions than you can possibly count, but at least we’re providing a few laughs along the way, eh?

Here’s how other countries are dealing with our drama... 

On Monday, The Mace Incident Was King 

A lot has happened in the three days since Lloyd Russell-Moyle orchestrated this spectacularly British form of protest that none of us knew was a thing, but we are still not over it and neither is the rest of the world. 

“Is the stick magic?” a New York-based writer tweeted, summing up the bemusement across the Atlantic. 

Others wondered if there’s was a US equivalent of this move:

We have no idea what the answer to this question is.

The Words ‘National Humiliation’ Have Been Used 

Bloomberg went in hard.

They even had the front to laugh at the fact we’re laughing at ourselves, writing: “To see just how desperate the situation is, look at how some Britons are trying to make light of it.”

We’re doing our best, alright?

The Jargon Surrounding Parliament Has People Stumped Though

British politics is not easy to dip in and out of, yet many people are giving it a good go anyway. 

Those who do understand are *living* for the drama: 

Among those who don’t is Chrissy Teigen, model-turned-cook and creator of Headband Of The Day:

We feel her pain, to be honest.

CNN Has Been Reporting From Essex 

In a bid to help people understand what’s happening – Chrissy, pay attention – CNN sent a reporter to ask the people of not-so-sunny Southend how they feel.


You can watch that very surreal report here and if you’re still struggling, this tweet really does sum it up: 

Australia Went For A Tea Joke 

We can’t argue with this – our tea consumption has gone up considerably as things have very quickly got worse. 

The Final Word Goes To The Sydney Morning Herald 

Okay, this one hurt a bit. Here’s what they wrote

“The festive sound of MPs ho-ho-ho-ing at a leader unable to win even the backing of her own government would have drowned out the chimes of Big Ben, if that symbol of England not been silent for repairs, the mummy-like scaffolding of the Westminister tower a metaphor of the muting of Great Britain after Brexit.”