Watching These Cats Destroying Christmas Trees Will Make Your Day

For cat owners, the struggle is very real right now.

Christmas trees have been up for all of five minutes and cats are already causing chaos in households across the UK.

In fact, cat-inflicted tree demolition is such an issue for pet owners, that Argos is now selling a six foot ‘half parasol’ Christmas tree (basically a small tree on a very long stick) to keep those paws at bay.

Although who are they kidding? If a cat wants to climb that tree, it will.

The cat-proof Christmas tree.
The cat-proof Christmas tree.

It’s not really surprising cats are so obsessed. The Christmas tree is nature’s climbing frame, helpfully covered by friendly humans in swinging balls, twinkling lights and lots of string – basically every moggy’s dream come true.

Comedian Susan Calman, who has five cats, had her tree up for all of five minutes before she had to take it down again. And she’s not alone in her struggles.

Some cats are biding their time...

Others are going straight in for the kill.

No bauble (or angel) is safe.

Trees are dropping like flies.

Cat owners: It’s time to get creative.