christmas trees

For cat owners, the struggle is very real right now.
Dear tree, your prickly ouch has again been replaced by the couch. Your dropped needles have been sucked up, sharing space in the Miele with the dog hair, dust bunnies, bits of mirrored glass from a broken bauble, stray Lego pieces not worth bending over for and probably that lost Barbie shoe.
I always loved the array of goodies I would make with my family growing up and sugar cookies were one of my favourites. The original recipe is my grandmother's and we've been making it for years.
Whilst Christmas is meant to be the season of good cheer, for medical personnel across the country, the prevailing feeling is that of foreboding. Hidden behind a front of presents and flashing lights, there are a number of dangers to your well-being that you should keep in mind. Some of these are minor mishaps, but others can seriously damage your health. If you want the gift of safety this year, then read on to ensure peace of mind.
Forget trashy, artificial Christmas trees or real ones that drop their needles, because there’s a new tree in town that you’re
We all have that one friend who gets overexcited about Christmas. Chances are they’ve already started their present shopping