14/11/2017 12:03 GMT

Girl's Comments About Her Mum In The Changing Room Are Hilariously Brutal

'You don't want your lady beard to show.'

A mum has shared the hilarious yet brutal exchange she had with her five-year-old daughter while she was trying clothes on in a changing room.

Mum-of-three Cassie Hilt, from the US, said she was in search of some new jeans on the shopping trip with her daughter.

Writing on Facebook on 5 November, the mum shared their exchange while she was trying the clothes on: “5yo: ‘Mum, do you need to take all your clothes off?’ Me: ‘No. Just my shirt and my pants’.

“5yo: ‘Oh my god, look at your boobs jiggling all over the place!’ Me: ...” 

Hilt continued: “5yo: ‘Look at your big tummy. It’s so cute and squishy. Do you have another baby in there?’ Me: ...

“5yo: ‘Are you taking your underwear off too?’ Me: ‘No, just my jeans. You don’t take your underwear off when you’re trying on clothes’.

“5yo: ‘Ohhhh, because you don’t want your lady beard to show?’ Me: ...

“To the young girls giggling in the fitting room next to us: Don’t worry, someday your kid will give a play-by-play of your post-baby body to strangers in a fitting room too.

“Have kids, they said. It will be fun, they said.”

Commenters found the exchange hilarious, with one writing: “Oh my goodness she is too funny” and another adding: “I have this to look forward to!”.

Speaking to HuffPost UK, Hilt said: “This isn’t the first time my daughter has made comments while I’m changing in the fitting rooms.

“Although I’m thinking this time her words may have served as a type of ‘birth control’ for the young girls that overheard the conversation.

“I mean, if you’re not ready for complete strangers to hear about your lady beard, are you really ready for kids? Haha.”

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