Donald Trump & Boris Johnson Kissing Graffiti Appears In Bristol

Not for those with a weak stomach.

A graffiti mural of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and former London Mayor Boris Johnson having a big ol' snog has appeared in Stoke's Croft, Bristol.

The bizarre and slightly scary mural was created by local graffiti artists Paintsmiths, commissioned by anti-Brexit group We Are Europe to encourage people to vote Remain in the EU referendum.

Matt Cardy via Getty Images

The picture has drawn a lot of interest in the local area, but some aren't as amused.

One commenter on Facebook said: "This would be funny if it actually made sense. How is a picture of Boris and Trump kissing got anything to do with the referendum? Don't want to slag off the effort, but the message is either lost or confused."

A spokesperson for We Are Europe suggested the image was suggesting that Brexit could result in BoJo becoming Tory leader, potentially paving the way for he and Donald Trump to be world leaders with a very special relationship.

Either way, it's still quite funny.

And it's certainly not the first time Trump has inspired a work of art. In August last year, graffiti artist Hanksy painted a mural of him as a giant, steaming turd in New York, someone painted a naked portrait of him with a micropenis in February, and back in September activist Sarah Levy painted a picture of him using period blood instead of paint.