Jeremy Corbyn Accuses Donald Trump Of 'Interfering' In General Election After Endorsing Boris Johnson

US president was interviewed by Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage on LBC radio station.

Jeremy Corbyn has accused Donald Trump of interfering in Britain’s election after the US president endorsed Boris Johnson in a radio interview.

In an unexpected move, Trump conducted a radio interview with Nigel Farage on the Brexit Party leader’s show on LBC on Thursday.

During the half-hour conversation, Trump said the Labour leader would be “so bad” for the UK while hailing the Tory leader as “the exact right guy for the times”.

Trump also dismissed Corbyn’s claim that a post-Brexit trade deal between the Conservatives and Trump would lead to the UK’s national health service being put up “for sale”.

The US president went on to say that if Farage teamed up with Johnson they would be an “unstoppable force”.

Following the interview, Corbyn tweeted: “Donald Trump is trying to interfere in Britain’s election to get his friend Boris Johnson elected.

“It was Trump who said in June the NHS is ‘on the table’. And he knows if Labour wins US corporations won’t get their hands on it.

“Our NHS is not for sale.”

Trump also criticised the prime minister’s Brexit deal, claiming it hinders trade with the US, and said he had discussed with Johnson the new agreement brokered with Brussels.

Giving his views ahead of the general election, Trump said: “Corbyn would be so bad for your country, he’d be so bad, he’d take you on such a bad way. He’d take you into such bad places.

“Your country has tremendous potential. It’s a great country.”

Talking about Johnson, he said: “When you are the president of the United States you have great relationships with many of the leaders, including Boris, he’s a fantastic man, and I think he’s the exact right guy for the times.

“And I know that you and him will end up doing something that could be terrific if you and he get together as, you know, an unstoppable force.”

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