EU Referendum Result Prompts Mass Immigration To Canada

Lots of worried Brits are planning a move to the land of maple syrup and ice hockey.

Following the news that the UK had voted to leave the European Union in Thursday's referendum, Remain voters are taking a maple leaf out of America's book and planning a move to Canada.

Probably inspired by countless liberal Americans who plan to up sticks and move to the Great White North if Donald Trump wins the 2016 presidential election,

But if the prospect of leaving the EU and potentially having Boris Johnson as prime minister is worrying to you, have no fear. There's lots of good reasons to move to Canada after Brexit.

Their prime minister is a hunk
Just look at him.
Maple syrup. Everywhere. On everything.
Portland Press Herald via Getty Images
Seriously. Everything.
The Queen
If you're a fan of Her Maj, she's also the head of state in Canada.
Darryl Leniuk via Getty Images
This local delicacy will have British fast food fans drooling - it's basically cheesy chips covered in gravy.
Thomas Kokta via Getty Images
They're cute, and Canada has loads of them.
GibsonPictures via Getty Images
Canada has a really, really long ski season.
Tim Horton's
They're all over Canada, and they're wonderful.
The people are really laid back and friendly
Hero Images via Getty Images
So why not move to Canada, eh?
They'll welcome us with open arms
Aren't they lovely?

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