Wearing This Eye Mask To Bed Every Night Has Transformed My Sleep

My Elizabeth Scarlett eye mask has a velvet underside and is filled with lavender. It's dreamy.

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Call me a princess: but I can’t sleep without an eye mask anymore.

I mean, I could – if I really had to. But why would I?

My obsession started when I first started dating my boyfriend who, in the 18 months before we moved in together, lived in two places with bedrooms that were as bright as the sun. The first had the kind of thin white blind you only normally see in GP surgeries; the second was on the top floor, with huge double doors leading out to a blindingly bright terrace, uselessly framed by – get this – UNLINED curtains. Sleeping was basically impossible: unless you wore an eye mask.

Now our room is pitch black at night, but every evening we still follow the same ritual. Climb into bed, plump up the pillows, put on an eye mask, turn away to sleep with our backs to each other. (Obvs, because this is clearly the best sleeping position). We probably look like weirdos, but who cares? No one can see us – and we certainly can’t see each other.

I don’t think I’ve ever slept as well, and if you came for my eye mask I would not hesitate to fight you off. It has transformed my nights – and my mornings.

That gorgeous spring sunshine peeking through the crack in the curtains? Shut that shit down with your eye mask. Does your partner get up annoyingly early to go to the gym every day (not that I’m pointing fingers)? An eye mask will shield you from the awakening blaze of the Big Light.

Not only does it block out any chinks of brightness determined to rouse you from slumber, but I’m convinced just putting an eyemask on, helps send me to sleep. In restorative yoga, you sometimes use a weighted eye pillow – a fancy way of saying bean bag, albeit one scented with lavender – to stimulate the vagus nerve and turn on your parasympathetic nervous system (the one that makes your heart rate slow and generally chills your body out). I genuinely feel putting on an eye mask helps stimulate that.

And it also keeps me from checking my phone.

This is probably a good time to explain that I am a MASSIVE loser. I lose everything, all the time. Purses, phones, bank cards, keys – you know where this is going: I’ve even lost eye masks. If I go on holiday, or sleep away from my own bed, I take my eye mask with me. Sometimes they don’t come back. So I’ve tried my fair share of eye masks in my time – more than I’d care to admit – and know the good from the bad.

“I’ve tried my fair share of eye masks in my time – more than I’d care to admit – and know the good from the bad."”

I have two joint favourites: a pink leopard print Slip mask which was silky and luxurious AF (a gift from my BF that I stupidly lost on holiday) and an Elizabeth Scarlett one, which I bought myself (because I’m not made of money).

The latter has a cute jungle leaf print and a polyester velvet underside, which is really soothing on your eyes. And it’s filled with 63% lavender (and 37% polyester) so it smells delicious. And lavender helps you sleep, so.

Unlike previous eye masks I’ve owned, it isn’t too tight for my massive head (cheers for the morning headaches Oliver Bonas) and it’s pretty safe to wear at your in-laws (unlike the one that says “fuck off” across your eyelids).

At £20, it’s certainly more expensive than some on the market – especially those cheap and nasty ones you get for free on long-haul flights – but it’s money well spent. If you work out the cost per wear, and make sure you don’t lose it, it’s a bargain. Can you put a price on a good night’s sleep? I certainly can.

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