04/04/2017 09:54 BST

Selfless Flight Attendant Calmed Screaming Baby And Consoled Crying Mother On Plane

'There are some seriously kind people in this world.'

A passenger has shared how she witnessed a flight attendant calming a screaming baby with a really simple trick on a plane. 

Carrie Jaboor, from the US, explained there was a mother sat in front of her on the plane whose baby was having a loud crying fit that “wouldn’t stop”.

Jaboor saw the Southwest airline employee ask the mum to come to the back of the plane with her baby when he heard she was struggling. 

Sharing her story on Love What Matters Facebook page on 2 April, Jaboor wrote: “I looked back and saw him blowing bubbles for the little girl until she stopped crying.

“He was also giving tissues to the mother and consoling her as she was crying too. There are some seriously kind people in this world.”


Parents who know only too well how distressing long flights can be with toddlers commented on the post in praise of the airline.

“That airline did the same for me when my daughter was a baby,” a mum wrote. “The attendant saw I was clearly flustered during the flight because my daughter would not settle.

“She came to me, asked if she could hold my daughter and walked up and down the plane with her in hand, while doing her job, helping others.”

Another commented: “I had the same experience. My one-year-old threw the biggest fit and I couldn’t get him calm. The flight attendant walked him up and down the aisles and brought him back to me.

“He napped after a while. She sat next to me and let him nap on her so I could have a ‘break’.” 

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