GB News Host Sets The Record Straight After Suggestions She Flipped The Bird Live On Air

Gloria de Piero wants to make it absolutely clear that no, she was not giving the double middle finger during a live show.

GB News host Gloria de Piero has set the record straight after being accused of giving a double middle-finger during a live broadcast on Thursday.

The most recent instalment of GB News’ lunchtime show began with one of what have already become GB News’ trademark technical hitches.

Gloria’s co-host Liam Halligan was seen speaking with his microphone apparently switched off, while the former Labour MP next to him delivered a confusing hand gesture, before abruptly questioning: “Should the Famous Five be cancelled?”

A tweet then went viral suggesting that the host was flipping a double bird to the camera before beginning the broadcast:

However, she then insisted live on air that this was not the case.

Addressing GB News viewers – in a speech that was later tweeted on the station’s official Twitter account – she clarified: “This is me crossing my fingers about whether we can go on summer holiday. Somebody screengrabbed it and said that I was sticking two fingers up… oh, it looks like I’m doing it again.

“We’re all – the nation is crossing their fingers.”

“Are you watching?” Liam then added. “We’re crossing our fingers.”

To say GB News has been off to a shaky start since its launch on Sunday would be something of an understatement, with technical issues, Ofcom complaints and mortifying on-screen pranks from viewers all making headlines in the past few days.

On Wednesday, presenter Simon McCoy urged those texting in with names like “Mike Hunt” and “Mike Oxlong” to “grow up” – but it didn’t have the effect he wanted, as Dan Wootton found out when a comedian managed to get his video message played live on air, complete with a discreet flash of his bare behind.


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