Gloria De Piero

Gloria de Piero wants to make it absolutely clear that no, she was not giving the double middle finger during a live show.
Redistributing money lying in the Mineworkers’ Pension Scheme Investment Reserve and Guarantor Fund would give pensioners a much-needed windfall in time for Christmas, Gloria De Piero MP writes.
Sajid Javid was born the son of a bus driver and rose to become one of the country's most powerful people. Will he offer my young constituents the same chance? Labour MP Gloria De Piero writes
Former deputy leader and shadow minster demand answers after NEC decisions.
Her resignation came the same day as the Jewish Leadership Council said Labour must take stronger action against anti-Semitism in the party.
Domestic violence victims are still being punished twice while perpetrators have an entitlement to joint assets, Gloria De Piero writes.
It's not just anecdotal evidence that indicates the problem. New figures based on the ONS Labour Force Survey, showed that 51% of actors surveyed were from privileged backgrounds and just 16% were from a working class background. This compares to 33% of the nation coming from working class backgrounds and just 29% coming from affluent backgrounds.
Labour MPs from ex coalfield communities and the National Union of Mineworkers have come together to ask the trustees of the Mineworkers' Pension Scheme for a meeting to review an arrangement that has left ex-miners billions of pounds worse off.
There are just over three weeks before one of the most important votes in our country's history. The EU referendum on 23 June will be a defining decision for this generation of young Brits. Many have already made up their mind - polls show us that most of Britain's young people support staying in the European Union. But as we get closer to polling day one thing is clear - it doesn't matter which way you intend to vote, if you aren't registered to vote in the place you will be in on June 23rd, your voice won't be heard.