Non-Binary Parent, Kori Doty, Discusses Raising Baby As Gender Neutral On 'Good Morning Britain'

'I’m raising them as a human being.'

A gender-neutral parent has opened up about raising their baby as neither a girl or a boy.

Kori Doty, from Canada, was speaking via video link on ‘Good Morning Britain’ after it was revealed their child - eight-month-old Searyl - has not been issued with a birth certificate as officials require that a baby’s sex must be noted on the document.

Doty, who identifies as non-binary, said she will let her child choose the sex they identify with when they are four or five years old.

When asked by Susanna Reid how baby Searyl can be gender neutral as they had genitals which were either male or female, Doty said: “Searyl’s private parts are private, whether they conform to the biological standard or not, like you said it’s not actually about the definition and gender identity which will develop later in life.”


Doty continued: “What someone’s genitals look like when they are born doesn’t actually give us an accurate indication of who they will be.”

After being told Doty’s child will be able to choose their gender as they grow up, presenter Piers Morgan asked what would happen if the child “wanted to identify as a monkey”.

Doty replied: “We will probably have some important conversations about beasties and science and things that are appropriate.

“Because they are human beings, they are a human being, and we are talking about gender, we are not talking about species.

“They are a human being I’m raising them as a human being.”

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