05/10/2018 10:19 BST | Updated 05/10/2018 10:31 BST

‘Good Morning Britain’ Newsreader Balvinder Sidhu Goes Flying After Losing Her Shoe


The sight of someone falling over will never not be funny, but when ‘Good Morning Britain’ newsreader Balvinder Sidhu took a tumble in the studio on Thursday morning she thought her blushes had been spared because it happened off air.

However, unfortunately for the local newscaster, the cameras were still rolling when she ate studio floor and the clip ended up being aired during Friday’s show - much to the amusement of ‘GMB’ anchors Ben Shepherd, Kate Garraway and (an uncontrollable) Richard Arnold.


Balvinder blamed her slip-up on her shoes (although we’d have been looking for a banana skin), one of which came off just before she hit the floor. Thankfully, a (giggling) producer was on hand to help her up, and we’re assured the only thing bruised was her ego.

It’s been quite the week for live TV blunders on ITV.

Earlier this week, ‘This Morning’ host Alison Hammond ended up knocking some poor guy into Albert Dock when she was left in charge of the show’s floating weather report.

As she jumped over from Wales to Ireland, the model dressed as a sailor was shoved into the water as Alison lost her balance and accidentally pushed him in.

“I’m so sorry!” Alison screamed.

“It is going to be a little bit wet in Northern Ireland, as you can she,” she joked.

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