Hannah Waddingham And Jason Sudeikis Reunite For Shallow Duet And We're So Off The Deep End

The Ted Lasso co-stars put their own take on Lady Gaga's Oscar-winning hit over the weekend.
Hannah Waddingham and Jason Sudeikis performing a duet
Hannah Waddingham and Jason Sudeikis performing a duet
YouTube/Steps Of Faith Foundation

Hannah Waddingham and Jason Sudeikis staged a mini Ted Lasso reunion over the weekend – and gave us an epic musical moment in the process.

On Saturday night, the Emmy-winning British star was among the guests at Jason’s annual Thundergong! charity function in his Missouri hometown, and joined him on stage to cover Lady Gaga’s chart-topping mega hit A Star Is Born.

Jason initially made out he was going to perform the duet with his former Saturday Night Live co-star Will Forte – before Hannah made her surprise appearance to perform Gaga’s parts of the Oscar-winning song.

And the results? Well, just watch for yourself.

Jason and Hannah both appeared in all three seasons of Ted Lasso, the last of which came to an end in May.

While there’s seemingly no plan for a follow-up, Hannah has made no secret of her hopes for a fourth series to happen in the future, previously revealing she was finding it hard to say goodbye to her character, Rebecca Welton, the owner of the fictional team AFC Richmond.

“Rebecca Welton doesn’t exist unless I’m playing her,” she admitted. “And that’s the hardest thing I’m dealing with at the moment. That I’ve lost a pal.”

As the festive season approaches, we should probably all be prepared to see a lot more of the former Eurovision host on our screens in the coming weeks.

Not only is she currently the star of two completely different Christmas ads, she’s also landed her own festive special on Apple TV+, which will begin streaming later this month.


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