Ex-Soap Star Champions Nigel Farage And Donald Trump In Bizarre Appearance

Holly Valance also revealed she was not vaccinated against Covid.
Holly Valance speaking to GB News about her political views.
Holly Valance speaking to GB News about her political views.
GB News

Former Neighbours star Holly Valance revealed her hopes that Nigel Farage would step up into a key role again – and announced her support for Reform UK.

Valance told GB News she made this decision even though she voted for the Conservatives in 2019, adding: “I’m sure as hell not going to [vote] Labour!”

The public figure was in the Australian soap opera Neighbours and had several hits as a singer, but later stepped away from the spotlight to focus on family life with her husband, the billionaire Nick Candy.

While on Chopper’s Political Podcast, she heaped praise on Reform’s only MP, Lee Anderson, for not being a “turncoat” – even though he has been part of three political parties since 2018.

The former pop star said she wanted Nigel Farage to “pull his finger out and head Reform”.

She revealed she is unvaccinated against Covid as well, claiming “your immune system knows what to do”.

Valance then moved onto the topic of former US president and the current Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Recalling how she met him once, she said: “He was extremely warm, extremely gentlemanly.”

She continued: “He and Nigel are fantastic friends. I think that’s really important for us as well going forward into the next election in America, that we have these friendships.”

She claimed “Nigel would be a fantastic ambassador” to the US, too.

And, despite just praising Trump for being “gentlemanly”, she also dismissed criticism directed at the former president’ over his abusive language.

She said people need to “harden up” as she has.

She claimed, “disgusting things said to me which would floor you if I said them out loud”, adding: “Did I cry? no.”

Valance continued: “As my friend put it to me the other day, do you want the nice guy who smiles nicely, who is polite to everyone or do you want the pitbull?

“And ultimately, the attorney is [Trump]. He’s your attorney.”

Valance’s appearance at the opening conference for the Popular Conservatives (PopCon) movement – where Liz Truss was the main speaker – earlier this year caused a stir.

The former pop star said: “I would say that everyone starts off as a leftie and then wakes up at some point, after you start either making money, working, trying to run a business, trying to run a home, and realises what crap ideas they all are. And then you go to the right.”


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