11/07/2017 10:21 BST | Updated 11/07/2017 10:28 BST

Is Theresa May Labour? And More Bizarre Most Googled Questions About Tory Cabinet Members

Is Silly Season finally here?

No, Theresa May is not Labour. That’s the answer to one of the most Googled question about the Prime Minister right now.

Another disturbing question showing up in the top results is: “Is Theresa May dead?”

Maybe it was former chief whip Andrew Mitchell’s recent comments that the Prime Minister is “dead in the water” that got lost in translation.


Anyway, panic not, we can thankfully confirm May is well and truly alive. Here she is welcoming Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to 10 Downing Street.

Stefan Rousseau
Alive but not quite kicking

Worryingly, people really don’t seem to be sure what political party May belongs to - with the third most Googled question right now being: “Is Theresa May Conservative?”

It could be her asking Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and other rivals for their help to deliver Brexit in her first anniversary speech that got people confused.

Hopefully people were aware of what political party May was in if they voted for her in the recent general election.

If you’re unsure, we can exclusively reveal that Theresa May is the leader of the Conservative party. Yes, we are being facetious.

Christopher Furlong
Right-handed signature for Article 50 letter

People are also apparently interested in whether the PM is left-handed. As pictures of her signing important documents such as the Article 50 letter in the photo above suggest, she is right-handed.

We decided to find out more batsh*t crazy most Googled questions about the whole Tory cabinet - and bring you the answers, of course.

Is Philip Hammond related to Richard Hammond?

Press Association
Despite sharing a penchant for baby blue polka dots, they are not related

Despite having the same surname, we can confirm that Chancellor Philip and the former Top Gear, now The Grand Tour TV presenter Richard are not related. It seems they share a love of baby blue polka dot material though.

We're not sure what a remainder is either

Is Boris Johnson related to the Queen?

Press Association
One is not amused

As bizarre as it sounds, there is good reason for this crazy-sounding question.

When the now-Foreign Secretary went on the BBC One program Who Do You Think You Are? to trace his family tree in 2008, his paternal grandmother was revealed to be a descendant of a German prince. This prince - Paul Von Wurttemberg happened to be a descendant of King George II, which means BoJo is the great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandson of the 18th century monarch. And thus is actually related to HRH.

Also, Johnson’s grandad was half-Turkish so the first most Googled question “Is Boris Johnson Turkish?” isn’t too ludicrous either.


How tall is Justine Greening?

Victoria Jones
A couple of inches extra in heels...

We have to admit, we don’t have the answer to this one about the Education Secretary at the moment. However, we’ll bring you the answer to this important question as soon as we can.


Is Michael Gove standing as an MP?

Dominic Lipinski

Poor Michael Gove. Looks like no-one’s been Googling anything new since before the general election on Thursday 8 June.

Anyway, Gove did stand this year, keeping the Surrey Heath seat he has held since 2005 for another term. He was also promoted to Environment Secretary in the subsequent Cabinet reshuffle.

Not sure Michael Gove is feeling lucky...

Is Jeremy Corbyn vegan?

Ben Mitchell
Vegan? Rich? Married? Communist?

Aside from the Tory Cabinet, there are some pretty funny questions being asked about Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour shadow cabinet.

We’ll get back to you very soon with the most bizarre questions asked about them.

But for now, we can reveal Jezza is a vegetarian, not a vegan.


Until then...