Jimmy Kimmel Spots Trump’s Truly Weird New Threat Against Joe Biden

The former president threw in some gestures and sound effects for this one.

Donald Trump made a bunch of bizarre and outright confusing claims during a rambling speech in New Hampshire on Monday, but one moment in particular stood out to Jimmy Kimmel.

“There’s a war going on, a terrible war, one of our closest allies was viciously attacked,” Kimmel said. “And what’s Donnie Dum-Dum talking about? This.”

Kimmel played a clip of Trump fantasising about punching US President Joe Biden in the nose. Trump made a fist and mimed three soft jabs, complete with his own sound effects.

“Poof, poof, poof,” Trump said as the audience howled with delight. “I’d hit him right in that fake nose.”

“He went from fake news to fake nose,” Kimmel countered. “Wait a minute, Joe Biden has a fake nose? I know he has wooden teeth... I think the nose is real.”

Then Kimmel mimicked Trump’s jabs.

“By the way, how about that punching?” he asked. “Poof. Poof.”

See more in his Monday night monologue:

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