New Hampshire

“I know that’s what he does when he’s insecure," the former UN ambassador told supporters Wednesday.
The Granite State put the country one step closer to a general election that many voters do not want.
Haley used some of her toughest language to date against Donald Trump, reminding voters of his legal problems and his “senior moments.”
The former US president used sound effects and gestures as he acted out his “iron dome” plan.
The former president threw in some gestures and sound effects for this one.
The 2024 hopeful said Trump won’t be able to avoid him just by skipping debates, and that as a former federal prosecutor, he knows how to find people.
The Florida governor sought to show a softer side on the presidential campaign trail this week in New Hampshire (beep boop).
Three towns in New Hampshire have a long-held tradition of being the first to report.
The president insulted a protester's body at his New Hampshire rally. Moments later, he claimed his campaign was all about love.