Jeremy Corbyn 'Doesn't Know' How He Would Vote In Second Brexit Referendum

Labour leader also admits he has not read all of Theresa May's draft deal.

Jeremy Corbyn has said he does not know how he would vote in a second Brexit referendum.

The Labour leader, who has repeatedly been accused of being a closet Eurosceptic, also said he hasn’t read all of Theresa May’s draft Brexit deal.

He also revealed that he believed another referendum was “an option for the future” and “not an option for today”.

In an interview with Sky News’ Sophy Ridge, Corbyn was challenged about whether he would vote to remain in a re-run of the referendum, he said: “Well, I don’t know how I’m going to vote, what the options would be at that time.

“But I wanted us to remain in the EU, that was my vote in that referendum.”

He also underlined that Labour “couldn’t stop” Brexit as it didn’t have the votes in Parliament.

He said: “As of this moment, the arithmetic in parliament is such that Brexit has been triggered, Article 50. We voted for Article 50 in order to give respect to the referendum.

“I was asked this question by Der Spiegel and what I said was we couldn’t stop it because we don’t have the votes in parliament to do so.”

He added it was important to honour the result of the referendum, saying: “There was a referendum in 2016, a majority voted to leave the EU, there are many reasons why people voted. I don’t think you call a referendum and then say you don’t like the result and go away from it, you’ve got to understand why people voted and negotiate the best deal you can.”

He also trashed Theresa May’s Brexit deal, telling Sky News that it was a “one-way agreement” in which the EU “calls all the shots”.

He said: “We’ll vote against this deal because it doesn’t meet our tests. We don’t believe it serves the interest of this country, therefore the Government have to go back to the EU and renegotiate rapidly.


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