Labour On Course For Landslide General Election Victory, New Poll Reveals

Keir Starmer is heading for a huge 210-seat majority.
Keir Starmer and Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar.
Keir Starmer and Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar.
Jeff J Mitchell via Getty Images

Labour is on course for a landslide victory at the next general election, according to a major new poll.

The Survation survey forecast that Keir Starmer will become prime minister with a Commons majority of 210.

The poll showed the number of Labour MPs more than doubling to 420, with the Conservatives slumping to just 149.

The SNP would also see their number of MPs fall from 48 to 32 as Labour mounts a revival in Scotland, while the Lib Dems would go from 11 MPs to 23.

Among the high-profile Tory casualties, according to the poll, would be Grant Shapps, Alex Chalk, Mark Harper and Laura Trott.

It is a remarkable turnaround from the 2019 election, which saw Boris Johnson elected with an 80-seat Tory majority.

The findings are a further blow for Rishi Sunak, who has so far failed in his attempts to turn around the Tories’ fortunes since he took over from Liz Truss last October.

They come after the prime minister endured a torrid PMQs session in the Commons yesterday.

Tory MPs were left grim-faced as Sunak struggled to cope with a barrage of criticism from Starmer over the PM’s spat with Greek prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

The poll is also further evidence that Sunak’s numerous attempts to relaunch his premiership in recent months have failed.

He watered down the government’s green commitments and unveiled a raft of new policies at the Tory party conference to no avail.

The King’s Speech earlier this month was also underwhelming, while last week’s tax-cutting Autumn Statement has also failed to shift the political dial.

Two opinion polls since then have shown Labour’s lead over the Tories has actually increased, deepening the gloom on the Conservative benches.


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