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London's Best Lunchtime Runs: Six Of The Best Routes To Smash Your Fitness Goals During The Day

Get away from those desks, people. 🏃

Not everyone can drag themselves out of bed at the crack of dawn to workout and if you have plans in the evenings, your training goes on the backburner.

So we’re here shout out about lunchtime exercise, because not only does it force you to leave the office for an hour, but it also keeps you in shape.

And when you get back to work, you’re more likely to escape that afternoon lull where all you want to do is reach for the biscuit drawer.  

The guys over at The Color Run UK have come up with six simple lunchtime runs that can be done and dusted within an hour in London. 

Thankfully, the suggested runs are spread all over the city so no matter where you work, you may be able to find one to suit you. Or if not, at least you’ll be inspired. 👊

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If you workout at lunchtime, you’ll be burning off everything you have eaten in the morning.

“This will ultimately increase your metabolism so you will feel much more awake, giving you the feeling of having much more energy,” Melissa Power, runner, PT and master trainer Centric:3Tribes told us. 

“Anything you eat post-workout will be metabolised quicker as you are in an anabolic state of fat burning.”

Power said following a lunchtime workout, you will inevitably start to drink more water to stop you feeling dehydrated.

“Exercise also increases blood flow to the brain therefore, mentally is gives you a goal to focus on throughout the morning and you will feel more positive afterwards to help you get through the afternoon,” she added.

1. Regents Park

Distance: 4.88km

The scenic route of running around Regents Park is an easy near-5km route that caters to all levels of fitness.

Although if you do want to challenge yourself, the guys over at Color Run suggest heading up to the top of Primrose Hill and rewarding yourself with views of the city.

Nearest tubes: Regent’s Park and Baker Street. 


2. London Bridge

Distance: 5.2 km

A popular route for those based central in the city or on the Southbank. It’s flexible as runners can start anywhere along Embankment, although it can get busy in the summer so the earlier you can get out, the better. 

Nearest tubes: Temple, Bank, Mansion House, Embankment and Southwark. 


3. Kings Cross

Distance: 5.45 km 

Ideal for anyone who is based in north London, the rout allows you to take full advantage of the canal. 

Runners can start at Camden and head east towards Kings Cross. For those wanting more of a challenge, you can head down to Angel and back again.

Nearest tubes: Camden Town, Euston, Kings Cross or Angel.


4. Royal parks

Distance: 4.4km 

The famous royal parks run is the perfect scenery to block out your to-do list worries for the day. You can start at Embankment and head to St James’ Park, then onto Green Park.

A lap around each and then back to Embankment is 5km and thankfully, it’s all flat. 

Nearest tubes: Embankment or Green Park.


5. Battersea 

Distance: 4.67 km 

For those working south west, you can start in Chelsea, cross over the bridge and head straight into Battersea Park. Running around the boundary clocks in at around 3.5km.

Head past the zoo, around the far border of the park by the lake and back along next to the Thames before crossing the bridge on the way back to the office.

Nearest stations: Battersea Park and Queenstown Road.


6. Greenwich

Distance: 4.89 km 

Ready for some hill sprints? Greenwich Park might boast one of the most stunning views of the city, but that comes at a price.

Try to tackle the incline up to Greenwich Observatory, before heading down again and enjoying a lap or two of the flat park to finish off.

Nearest stations: Maze Hill, Blackheath and Greenwich overground.

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