Madonna Soldiers On Like The Pro She Is After Taking A Tumble On Stage

That's how it's done, people.

You don’t last 40 years in the music business without knowing how to bounce back from a tumble or two – as Madonna proved during the latest stop on her Celebration Tour.

Over the weekend, the Queen of Pop paid a visit to Seattle, Washington, but suffered a minor blip early on in the show, in the middle of her hit Open Your Heart.

During the performance, a dancer who was pulling her along by a chair stumbled over, pulling the singer to the floor too.

Fortunately, Madonna knew how to make the most of the moment.

Throwing it right back to her first VMAs performance four decades ago, the Grammy winner did some theatrical rolls, before being helped back onto her feet by a fellow dancer, laughing off the incident and carrying on with her performance.

Of course, Madonna has learned a thing or two in her career about soldiering on after a fall – both literally and figuratively.

Just under a decade ago, she made headlines when she was inadvertently pulled down some steps during a performance of her 2015 single Living For Love at the Brit Awards due to a wardrobe malfunction, but won widespread praise for carrying on and finishing the routine.

Madonna finally launched her long-awaited greatest hits tour in London last year, after the world jaunt was pushed back several months due to the star being hospitalised as a result of what her team described as a “bacterial infection”.

She has since addressed her past health issues during several performances on the Celebration Tour, telling fans in Belgium last year: “It’s a fucking miracle that I’m here right now. My mother, god bless her, she must be watching over me — she said, ‘Girl, it’s not your time to go.’”


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