White House Goes ‘Dark Brandon’ On Marjorie Taylor Greene And Flips Attack Back On Her

"Caught us," the Biden White House mockingly responded to criticism from the far-right Georgia congresswoman.

Far-right Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene’s (Republican, Georgia) latest attack on US President Joe Biden went awry. It prompted a mocking response from the Biden White House, which Twitter users suggested was “Dark Brandon” striking back at the extremist congresswoman once more.

Greene, at the weekend, slammed Biden’s domestic policies during her speech at the conservative Turning Point Action student activist conference in Florida.

Commentator Brian Tyler Cohen shared a video of Greene’s speech, with a short summary of her criticism of the president.

Biden was trying to “finish what FDR started” in addressing rural poverty, education and medical care, Greene said. She also accused Biden of trying to turn America socialist.

“Caught us,” the official Twitter account for the White House fired back.

“President Biden is working to make life easier for hardworking families,” it added.

Twitter users enjoyed the response:


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