2024 election

The former president ranted about taking names of historical figures off schools as he warned about Democrats winning in November.
"There is one existential threat. It's Donald Trump,” the president said at a campaign fundraiser.
The president delivers a pointed response to Trump over his efforts to sabotage a border security deal.
The former president has continued to duck any debate against his Republican competitors.
We know more about Trump — and more still about Biden — than we did four years ago.
The former president addressed the marks that were pictured on his hand as he left Trump Tower.
But right-wing Republicans in Congress said they’re not paying attention to the drama: “I’m not a pop person.”
Biden’s counterparts all have the same message about his predecessor, the president claimed.
"When he feels insecure, he starts to rail, he starts to rant, he starts to flail his arms and he starts to get upset," Haley said in a recent "Meet the Press" interview.