02/02/2017 16:22 GMT

Adults Baffled By GCSE Exam Questions For Teenagers, But Parents Urged Not To Worry

Can you answer them?

If you’re ever been stuck while helping your children with their homework, rest assured you’re not alone. 

Distance learning provider Oxford Open Learning Trust created a ‘Would You Pass?’ quiz so parents can put their knowledge to the test.

They found out which questions from GCSE exams - including citizenship and health and social care - adults could answer correctly.

More than 450 adults challenged themselves with questions from recent exam papers and there were three questions they found the hardest.

So can you answer them?  

Dr Nick Smith, courses director and founder of Oxford Open Learning Trust, said if parents can’t answer the questions they shouldn’t get stressed or worry about helping their kids revise. 

“Parents shouldn’t worry too much about being overly involved with their child’s homework, especially if they struggle to answer modern GCSE questions,” he told The Huffington Post UK.

“It’s important that children are learning on their own and instead parents should support them to figure out the answers themselves.

“The best support you can give your child during the GCSE period is to discuss school activities with them and make sure they are getting enough support from their tutors so that they grow into independent, lifelong learners.”

Want to get clued up and test yourself on more GCSE questions? Try out the ‘Would You Pass?’ test here