'Momentum Kids' Children's Political Group Launched By Pro-Jeremy Corbyn Activists Is Being Mocked On Twitter

"It should have been called the National Union of Minors."

Corbyn-backing activist group Momentum has announced a plan to improve young people’s political engagement and teach them how to campaign for Labour by setting up a network of 150 local groups dubbed “Momentum Kids”.

The left-wing grassroots group will also provide creches and after-school clubs for children aged three and up, “promoting political activity that is fun, engaging and child-friendly”. They say this will free up time so parents and carers can take part in their events.

However, with people seeing it as an attempt by Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters to indoctrinate the youth, which inevitably led to this silliness...

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron also poked fun at the group’s plan, referring the Momentum Kids as “Tiny Trots” which gave rise to a hashtag coming up with socialist/Corbynite nursery rhymes.