Neve Campbell Reveals What It Would Take For Her To Return To Scream Franchise

The actor said she "would not be surprised to get a call" with an invitation to rejoin the slasher legacy.
Neve Campbell
Neve Campbell
C Flanigan via Getty Images

If you had your fingers crossed that Neve Campbell might one day return to the Scream franchise, there might still be hope.

The seventh film is in the works, but has hit numerous roadblocks, including losing its director, Christopher Landon, last month.

Scream 6 leading ladies Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega are also no longer a part of the upcoming film.

Melissa was dropped from the movie over her tweets expressing support for Palestine amid the Israel-Hamas conflict, while Jenna withdrew from the horror movie as filming clashed with the second season of the Netflix hit Wednesday.

After Neve previously stepped away from the long-running franchise over a salary dispute, after appearing in five of its films, the actor recently revealed that she isn’t totally opposed to rejoining the slasher legacy.

“It’s sad to me that they’re struggling at the moment,” Neve said while speaking to IndieWire at Saturday’s Bafta Tea event in Los Angeles.

“I would imagine that the people at the top are spinning a little bit, trying to make the right decision. I think I would imagine people want to do the right thing.”

Neve, who was supposed to reprise her role of Sidney Prescott in Scream 6, added: “I would hope. I love this franchise. I love it for Wes [Craven, the late director of the first four films].

“I love it for all the people who’ve been involved and even the newer cast. I would hope it doesn’t fall apart.”

When asked if she would star in another Scream film, Neve said she’s open to it “given the right circumstances”.

“I made a statement several years ago, and it was the reason that I didn’t do the film at the time, and I just really felt the need to stand up and say that I don’t believe I would’ve been treated that way had I been a man carrying a franchise for 25 years, and that still stands,” she explained.

“So if they were to choose to come back to me, that would continue to be my takeaway. We’ll see.”

At the same event, she told The Hollywood Reporter that she “would not be surprised to get a call” with an offer to return to the franchise.

Scream 7 has yet to secure a release date, but is expected to release sometime later this year or early 2025.


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