Nigel Farage Told By Krishnan Guru-Murthy He 'Dragged British Politics Into The Gutter' In Channel 4 News Interview

The Ukip leader was told to 'get your facts right'.

Nigel Farage was accused of dragging British politics "into the gutter" during a live interview on Channel 4 News on Monday night.

The Ukip leader was the also told by Krishnan Guru-Murthy to "get your facts right" as tensions mounted over Farage's controversial 'breaking point' poster and immigration claims during the EU referendum campaign.

Guru-Murthy told Farage: "You have said a series of provocative things to do with foreigners.

"You accused Peter Mandelson of rubbing our noses in diversity. You have accused Baroness Warsi effectively of lying today and it comes on the back of this poster that doesn't have any white faces, it was about Syrian refugees, it had nothing to do with European migration."

<strong>Krishnan Guru-Murthy told Nigel Farage that he helped drag British politics 'into the gutter' during a Channel 4 News interview on Monday night</strong>
Krishnan Guru-Murthy told Nigel Farage that he helped drag British politics 'into the gutter' during a Channel 4 News interview on Monday night
Channel 4 News

Farage evaded the presenter's line of questioning regarding how many of the people featured in the poster came to Britain.

The journalist continued: "My point is in accusing politicians like the Prime Minister and Baroness Warsi of lying, of running posters like this, of accusing the Labour Party of rubbing our noses in diversity, whatever that may mean, you are part of what has dragged British politics into the gutter."

Farage retorted: "Really? So this is the Prime Minister who put poster trucks round London two years ago saying 'if you're an illegal immigrant, we're coming to get you'..."

Guru-Murthy interrupted, saying that he was asking Farage to account for what he has done, not the Prime Minister.

Farage continued to "attack" David Cameron, until Guru-Murthy insited: "Account for what you've done."

To which the Ukip leader replied: "I didn't mock up a poster truck I put up a factual photograph as one of a series of six posters in the last week of the campaign that reflected the truth."

<strong>Ukip leader Nigel Farage launches an EU referendum poster campaign.</strong>
Ukip leader Nigel Farage launches an EU referendum poster campaign.
Philip Toscano/PA Wire

When Farage later tried to claim that GDP per capita had not increased, Guru-Murthy corrected him, saying it had increased for six years in a row, adding: "You've got to get your facts right."

Farage was heavily criticised on social media, with many people commending Guru-Murthy for his line of questioning.

Farage has faced a backlash for his controversial 'breaking point' poster, which he unveiled on Thursday.

The picture shows thousands of refugees crossing into Slovenia from Croatia during the height of the migrant crisis in October 2015.

'Breaking point' is written in capital letters on the poster, and “the EU has failed us all” is written underneath.

A line at the bottom of the poster reads: “We must break free of the EU and take back control of our borders.”