Olivia Colman Reveals She Got The Whole Cast Of The Crown Watching Naked Attraction On Set

"S***, I really brought it down a notch," the Oscar-winning star joked.

Olivia Colman has revealed the rather rude way she spent her downtime while filming the most recent series of The Crown.

The Oscar-winning star can currently be seen in action as Queen Elizabeth II in the fourth season of the Netflix drama, which debuted on Sunday.

However, in a recent YouTube interview with co-star Emma Corrin, Olivia admitted that she had a somewhat less prim and proper way of passing the time when she wasn’t filming, thanks to a certain Channel 4 dating show.

She recalled that while filming in Scotland, the cast stayed in log cabins that were “all really close together so it was like a tiny little village of friends”.

“And we watched Naked Attraction!” Emma interjected.

A sheepish Olivia then revealed she had, indeed, turned the entire cast of The Crown onto Naked Attraction – including her co-star Marion Bailey, who plays the Queen Mother in the Netflix series.

The Crown star Olivia Colman
The Crown star Olivia Colman

“Yes, that was my fault,” Olivia said of the cast’s Naked Atraction viewing. “We were given our own log cabins, but I don’t like being on my own, so I forced Marion to let me live with her. And she’s just too polite to say no.

“And once I said to her, ‘you’ve got to watch this, it’s brilliant, you see everybody’s willies and fannies and it’s really funny’... and she looked slightly horrified. And I said, ‘well what do you do of an evening normally, Marion?’, and she said, ‘well sometimes we listen to classical music and talk about plays’. Shit, I really brought it down a notch.”

Olivia did then claim that her on-screen mum “ended up loving it”, though.

Anna Richardson on the set of Naked Attraction
Anna Richardson on the set of Naked Attraction
Channel 4

The cast of The Crown will no doubt be pleased to hear that Naked Attraction returned for a brand new socially-distant series last week, with Tuesday night’s episode even featuring a contestant who admitted she’d been compared to Princess Diana in the past.

All four seasons of The Crown are now streaming on Netflix.


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