06/06/2017 09:41 BST

Parenting Hack: Mum's Cost-Free Solution To Soothing Baby's Teething Pain

'He LOVES it!'

A mum’s hack for easing her son’s teething pain - without spending any money - has gone down well with parents on the internet.

Tasia Blackwell, from Ohio, US, shared a Snapchat video of her son happily sucking on what appeared to be an ice lolly.

But actually, it’s a breast milk lolly.

“Milksicle popsicle made of breastmilk,” the mum captioned the video shared on Facebook on Friday 2 June.  

“He loves it!” Blackwell wrote. “Helps with his teething pain and helps fill up his tummy.”

She shared the video along with two photos of the milk lollies on Facebook.

“They are a hit,” she wrote.

The video has been viewed an impressive 19 million times within two days of being posted and the post has been shared more than 230,000 times.

“That’s a great idea,” one person wrote. “You better try and get that paper for your invention before someone else does.”

Another wrote: “Can I share this? It’s a great idea!”

Blackwell replied: “If I can help make anything easier for a mum, I’m with it.”

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