30/01/2017 15:43 GMT | Updated 30/01/2017 15:43 GMT

13 Inevitable Thoughts You Have During The Night Feed

Hello darkness our old friend.

For new parents, starting the night feed is like being welcomed into a private members club, as only now can you fully understand what the tiredness of constant broken sleep really feels like. 

Here are 13 thoughts you only have at 4am, when you’ve been woken up for the seventh time in two hours.

1. Wondering if you’ll get a full night of sleep ever again. 

2. Knowing that no bed has ever been as comfy as your bed looks right now. 

3. Wishing your baby loved sleep as much as you do. 

4. Reminiscing about the times you stayed up this late out of choice.

5. Hating your younger self for ever claiming to be tired. 

6. Cursing your partner for being able to sleep through anything.

7. Thanking god for the invention of the iPhone torch. 


8. And the dressing gown.  

9. Considering buying everything on the shopping channel.

10. Questioning how our parents ever coped without Facebook.

11. Realising that night feeding totally legitimises midnight snacks.

12. Wondering if there are child-friendly locations that sell wine. 

13. Being baffled by how all other parents are coping.