12/03/2017 13:46 GMT

Peston On Sunday: Man Accidentally Appears In Shot Behind Ian Hislop

Ian Hislop looked totally unaware of what was happening behind him.

Viewers were left baffled on Sunday when a member of the public appeared to accidentally appear on Robert Peston’s show.

As the host told the audience he would be speaking to Ian Hislop, the camera panned over to the Private Eye editor.

But Hislop was not alone in the shot.

He's behind you!

An elderly gentleman could be seen peering into the studio, a look on confusion on his face.

Hislop appeared to be unaware of his presence. 


Some were rather pleased with the cameo:

And there were also a few Jeremy Corbyn jokes...

Other (planned) guests on the show included foreign secretary Boris Johnson and Tory peer Lord Heseltine.

Peston struggled to get Johnson to answers his questions on Brexit and the Budget, although the former London Mayor was clear in his criticism of Russian foreign policy.

Appearing later on the show, Lord Heseltine – sacked last week as a Government advisor for voting in favour of Parliament getting a “meaningful” vote on the Brexit deal – was forthright in his criticism.

After accusing Johnson of talking “rubbish” by claiming no deal with the EU post-Brexit would not damage the UK economy, the peer said: “When I listen to Boris, who I like actually, he took over from me in Henley, he has turned the art of political communication into a science in which waffle charm, delay, anything to stop actually answering questions.

“He does it magnificently.”