03/10/2017 14:33 BST

Mum Who Gave Birth To Rainbow Baby 11 Months Ago Is Now Pregnant With Her Sister's Rainbow Baby

'We must stand tall and be brave.' 🌈🌈🌈

A mother who gave birth to her own rainbow baby 11 months ago is now carrying her sister’s rainbow baby.

The pair, from the US, both took part in a photoshoot to mark pregnancy and infant loss awareness month

“Rainbow baby” is a term used to describe a child born to parents following a miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal death.

The sisters, Anna and Beth, want to raise awareness of baby loss and hope their story will give hope to others.

Speaking about the sisters, photographer JoAnn Marrero told HuffPost UK: “We honour a beautiful pair of sisters who both have losses, yet celebrate sister Anna who gave birth to her rainbow baby just 11 months ago and is now pregnant and is carrying, growing, nurturing and loving her sister Beth’s rainbow baby.”

Anna (left) and Beth (right).

Anna and Beth were part of a group of eight women who took part in the photoshoot. 

Marrero, who runs Labor to Love photography studio in Connecticut, US, runs an annual maternity session to commemorate the babies women have lost, while also looking ahead to the lives they are bringing into the world.

Marrero is mum to Alexander, 20, and Michael, 23. Michael is her rainbow baby. She runs the annual photoshoot with different women each year. 

“We must remember and celebrate the beautiful souls that we grieve for so deeply, yet we must stand tall, be brave and look ahead to the beauty the future will bring,” Marrero said.


Marrero continued: “We hold in our hearts baby Evan who passed shortly after birth and for the sorrows we felt through miscarriages and dreams that haven’t yet come true.

“It is my honour to capture these moments in time as I sit here with teary eyes knowing how much this all means to not only us, but to women and their families around the world.” 

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