Good Morning Britain Viewers Unimpressed By Richard Madeley's Remarks To Lioness Chloe Kelly

"Show Chloe Kelly some respect, she's more than earned it."

Richard Madeley has been met with a collective face-palm after his interview with Lioness Chloe Kelly.

Following Chloe’s winning goal against Germany in the Euros game over the weekend, she appeared on Tuesday’s edition of Good Morning Britain, where Richard was guest presenting with regular anchor Kate Garraway.

One particular moment at the end of the interview captured viewers’ attention, as he was heard casually referring to his guest as “Coco” as he thanked her for her time.

Perhaps sensing this might not have gone down well, Richard then justified the move by explaining this is the nickname he uses for his own daughter, who is also named Chloe.

Richard Madeley and Chloe Kelly
Richard Madeley and Chloe Kelly

While Richard’s somewhat patronising nickname to someone he’d just met was irksome for many viewers, others also picked up on the fact he told Chloe she’d have been unrecognisable a week ago, overlooking the fact she was already part of Manchester City’s women’s team:

Richard returned to Good Morning Britain after an extended break on Monday morning.

Since Piers Morgan’s much-publicised exit in March 2021, the former This Morning host has been part of a rotating team of guest hosts, which has included Ed Balls, Adil Ray and Martin Lewis.

During this time, Richard has repeatedly come under fire for his comments about issues including the climate crisis and UK politics.

He was also met with a backlash when he questioned whether Angela Rayner was still Keir Starmer’s “best girl” during an interview with the Labour leader.

Good Morning Britain airs every weekday from 6am on ITV.

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