Ryan Gosling Shares Disappointing Update Ahead Of This Year's Oscars

The Barbie actor is up for Best Supporting Actor at the Academy Awards after bringing his Ken-ergy to the big screen.
Ryan Gosling as Ken during his big number in the Barbie film
Ryan Gosling as Ken during his big number in the Barbie film
Warner Bros

While the discourse surrounding whether or not Barbie was snubbed at the upcoming Oscars became very tiresome very quickly, there’s been an update that we’re ready to get up in arms about.

Although certain corners of the internet would have you believe that Barbie was overlooked completely at this year’s Academy Awards, the film actually picked up eight nominations, including two separate nods in the Best Original Song category.

From the moment we found out I’m Just Ken was up for the award, we’ve been looking forward to Ryan Gosling bringing his unique brand of Ken-ergy to the Oscars stage – but it’s now emerged it might not even be happening.

“I still have not been asked,” he told Variety as part of a wider interview published on Wednesday. “It might be too much of a risk to have me do it.”

The Canadian actor added that while he’s not sure “how that would work”, he’s very much “open to it” if he is invited to perform.

Seriously, Oscars bosses. Don’t deprive us of this.

Meanwhile, music producer Mark Ronson – who co-wrote I’m Just Ken – has said he doesn’t want anyone but Ryan to perform the song at the Academy Awards.

If Ryan doesn’t do it then we’re not doing it,” the Oscar winner insisted to Variety at the Grammys over the weekend.

Mark Ronson and Ryan Gosling at the Critics' Choice Awards
Mark Ronson and Ryan Gosling at the Critics' Choice Awards
John Shearer via Getty Images

Ryan secured his third Oscar nomination for his performance as Ken in the Barbie movie, and recently spoke out to voice his disappointment that Margot Robbie and Greta Gerwig failed to secure nods for acting and directing, respectively.

“To say that I’m disappointed that they are not nominated in their respective categories would be an understatement,” he said.

“Against all odds with nothing but a couple of soulless, scantily clad, and thankfully crotchless dolls, they made us laugh, they broke our hearts, they pushed the culture and they made history.

“Their work should be recognised along with the other very deserving nominees.”

It’s worth pointing out that Greta was still nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay, alongside her husband and co-writer Noah Baumbach, while Margot has been recognised as a producer on Barbie in the Best Picture category.


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