Saturday Night Live Reveals What Trump Was Really Thinking When Kanye West Called By


This week Kanye West proved you can still be surprised with what comes out of the White House when he dropped by and gave an extraordinary press conference with Donald Trump in the Oval Office.

The superstar rapper was there to discuss prison reform, but also took the opportunity to attack US comedy show Saturday Night Live and Chinese manufacturing jobs.

West wore a Make America Great Again cap as he spoke to Trump in front of reporters, telling them the commander-in-chief gave him a “Superman cape” to help him “do good”.

Oh, and he also gave away his iPhone password by typing it out on live TV – it’s 000000 in case you were wondering.

After West finished speaking, Trump said: “That was quite something.”

Inevitably, SNL responded and the result is an approximate guess of what was actually going through Trump’s head as West spoke...