World Book Day And Snow Do Not Mix: Here's How To Do It At Home

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You’ve given time and brain space to what your kids are going to dress up as for World Book Day, only to wake up on 1 March to a mountain of snow.

Most parents were in two predicaments this morning: The costume is a waste because the school is closed, or the costume will be ruined on the way to school.

Either way, know that you’re not alone. Here are parents proving that snow and World Book Day is just not a good mix, as well as tips on how to hold your own World Book Day celebration at home.

There were the kids who still went to school despite the weather...

Then there were those that only found out their school was closed after they had already dressed up in the morning...

So some parents decided to celebrate it at home anyway

We think World Book Day at home is a great idea, so here are some ideas on how to do it at home. The WBD website states: “If you find yourself snowed in, go ahead and celebrate World Book Day anyway, dress up if you’d like to, but most importantly, find time in the day to share a story, to read, to enjoy books. You can participate on social media with #shareastory.”

1. Tune in to the World Book Day book shows.

The guys behind World Book Day are pretty aware of the snowy situation we’re all in. They suggested parents and kids g online to watch the exclusive ‘Big Book Shows’. You can watch them online here.

2. Act out a book scene.

They’ve already got the costume, they’re basically set for centre stage. Choose their favourite book, think of a short two minute scene in the book they could act out (can their siblings/you get involved?) and film it. Send it into the school, or to other relatives.

3. Run a neighbour book club.

You can’t be the only family at home with kids dressed up as book characters - are there any children in your road, street or village that are in the same situation? Go on a snowy walk and see if any of the kids want to get together in the afternoon for a kids’ book club - they all bring their favourite book and (depending on their age) chat about it, or talk about why they love it.

4. Make up your own story.

Use your child’s imagination to get them to make up a new story involving themselves as the book character, that’s different from the book. Depending on how interested they are, take pictures of them at different points in the story and create a storyboard of moments from their tale.

5. Write a story

Give your children a sentence to start off with and tell them to use their creative juices to come up with a story - it’s something they can take to their teacher the next time they’re in school to impress them! Story starters could include: “The dog couldn’t believe what happened when he looked in the snow...” or “When the boy looked outside his window, he was shocked to hear...”.

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