18/08/2017 11:03 BST | Updated 18/08/2017 17:29 BST

Stacey Solomon Shares Behind-The Scenes Video While In Hair And Makeup For 'Loose Women'

'Is it ok to love yourself?'

Stacey Soloman introduced fans to her “new friend” - a spot that had developed on her left cheek - just ahead of ‘Loose Women’ filming.

Solomon posted a video of her having her hair and makeup done ahead of the show and commented that her stylist Penny, “had her work cut out for her”.

“Everyone being soooo sweet about how I looked today on Loose Women thank you,“ she wrote on Thursday 17 August.

“But I thought I’d share with you this video of me getting ready before the show just so you know it took a lot of hair and makeup time to look like that.”

Solomon continued: “And I had a major spot crisis! (Yep even people on tv get zits and boils) Haha.

“So don’t beat yourself up thinking I just got out of bed and looked camera ready.

“Although I think I look great without makeup (am I allowed to say that or does that make me big headed?) haha let me know - is it ok to love yourself?”

Her fans were quick to tell her that yes, it is ok to love yourself.

“Stacey, love how you are promoting ‘normal’ you are an absolute star,” wrote one. “You probably don’t realise how many people you are helping to feel better about themselves, big love for that.”

Another added: “You’re a breath of fresh air - feel sad for the haters, if only they had an ounce of the goodness, happiness, kindness and confidence you have.”