25/01/2021 07:54 GMT

Sarah Ferguson Shares Her Thoughts On How The Crown Depicted Her Wedding To Prince Andrew

Fergie may have only been a minor character in the Netflix drama, but the real-life Duchess Of York was impressed all the same.

While reports have suggested that the real-life royals are “not happy” about the latest series of The Crown, one person briefly depicted in the show who is seemingly more impressed by it is Sarah Ferguson.

Season four of the Netflix drama mostly focuses on Princess Diana’s marriage to Prince Charles, as well as Margaret Thatcher’s 11-year stint as prime minister, although multiple scenes do feature Fergie, in which she’s played by newcomer Jessica Aquilina.

In an interview with Us Weekly, the Duchess Of York said: “I thought it was filmed beautifully. The cinematography was excellent.

“I loved the way they put my wedding in as well.”

Stuart C. Wilson via Getty Images
Sarah Ferguson pictured in 2019

Fergie was depicted in two episodes of the latest series of The Crown, including one which was set at her wedding to Prince Andrew in 1986.

She and Prince Andrew were married for 10 years, eventually divorcing in 1996.

The Crown’s most recent season proved hugely popular with critics and fans, but following its release, some voiced the opinion that it didn’t do enough to highlight to viewers that it is mostly a work of fiction.

Among those to voice this opinion were Princess Diana’s brother, Earl Spencer, and culture secretary Oliver Dowden.

Des Willie/Netflix
The Crown

Earl Spencer said last year: “The worry for me is that people see a programme like that and they forget that it is fiction.

“They assume. Especially foreigners – I find Americans tell me they watch The Crown as if they’ve taken a history lesson. Well, they haven’t. It is very hard. There is a lot of conjecture and a lot of invention, isn’t there? You can hang it on fact but the bits in between are not fact.”

Responding to calls for the show to add a disclaimer alerting viewers to the fact it’s largely fictitious, Netflix has said: “We have always presented The Crown as a drama – and we have every confidence our members understand it’s a work of fiction that’s broadly based on historical events. 

“As a result we have no plans – and see no need – to add a disclaimer.”

All four series of The Crown are now available to stream on Netflix.