Sarah Ferguson

"I would urge anyone who is reading this to be diligent," the Duchess of York has said.
The beloved dogs memorably made a heartbreaking appearance at the queen’s funeral last year.
Fergie said the mischievous duo got pinched for impersonating police officers — and that Diana stole an officer's "smoky bacon-flavored crisps" while detained.
In the Duchess of York's talk in New York, she spoke about wanting to act, her relationship with Prince Andrew and whether she'd attend the coronation.
The Duchess of York adopted the dogs following the monarch's death.
Eugenie’s mother, Sarah Ferguson, posted an Instagram of her own to celebrate the big news.
The former ITV breakfast presenter suggested starting a new show called Morgy And Fergie In The Morning together.
The singer's wedding was particularly lavish, and took place at York Minster on Saturday.