Sarah Ferguson

The former ITV breakfast presenter suggested starting a new show called Morgy And Fergie In The Morning together.
The singer's wedding was particularly lavish, and took place at York Minster on Saturday.
In the last decade, she has reinvented herself from a spoilt, tantrum-reputed diva, to a mature, socially-engaged woman of the world, trying to do brilliant things, to encourage people powered change.
Sarah and Andrew divorced in 1996 but have remained close UPDATE: Boris Johnson defends Andrew saying he does "a huge amount
The Duke and Duchess of York are said to have rekindled their romance with one source suggesting they could even remarry
When you're up against world leaders, The Queen and Jeremy Clarkson, it's hard to grab the attention. Tougher still when
"The past", explains one of the characters in LP Hartley's classic novel 'The Go-Between', "is like a foreign country". The rate at which our professional and personal lives have changed in the space of only less than 20 years makes it seem like a very distant land indeed.
Koo Stark, the former girlfriend of the Duke of York, is to appear in court in connection with an alleged theft, police said
Celebrities hopping into bed with the diet industry is nothing new, of course. Ever since a size 12 Oprah Winfrey wheeled a cart filled with 67 pounds of animal flesh onstage to celebrate her hard-won weight loss, stars have known there's money to be made by spilling your guts about your overspilling gut.
Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie and their mum Sarah Ferguson made a glamorous trio at the wedding of Petra Ecclestone in
Sarah Ferguson has managed to create a bit of controversy on the other side of the world, after storming out of an interview