24/03/2017 13:47 GMT | Updated 24/03/2017 15:31 GMT

One-Year-Old Boy Has An Incredible Mop Of Hair And We Can't Take Our Eyes Off Of It

Hair goals 💁

It’s not often we get hair goals from a one-year-old child, but we can make an exception for a barnet this incredible. 

Helen Gore, from Norwich, has been sharing photos of her 13-month-old son Ellis’ hair on social media - and it’s beautiful.

At just one years old, the toddler has had to have two hair cuts already, but it just keeps growing back. 


“It’s always been long and crazy,” Gore told The Huffington Post UK.

“It’s been this long since he was a baby and I had heartburn in pregnancy - so bad.” 


The mum said she recently sent a picture of her son into a modelling agency to see if that was an avenue they could go down.

She said her son was accepted and has an appointment with the agency, but she isn’t sure whether or not they will pursue it yet. 


Gore said: “I get comments on his hair all the time - at the supermarket, doctor’s surgery, and baby groups.”

And when asked if she’d ever cut her son’s hair short, she added: “No, I’ll definitely keep it long!”


What a cutie. 

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