06/01/2017 13:49 GMT | Updated 06/01/2017 13:49 GMT

12 Types Of People You Meet At A Yoga Class

The old woman who can do everything.

It’s a new year, and a (sort of) new us, so we’re getting back into fitness and generally trying to make ourselves better human beings.

At least for one week.

So where better to start than a yoga? Renowned for helping us all with flexibility, core strength and getting some peace of mind, here are the 12 types of people you can expect to meet in every class. 

1. The novice who thinks it will be a breeze.

Can’t walk for three days afterwards.

2. The woman with totally see-through leggings.

Always sits right at the front by the mirror. 

3. The person who can’t stop giggling. 

Downward dog isn’t an innuendo you know.

4. The 80-year-old who is more flexible than you have ever been.

Like a human pretzel. 

5. The person who just can’t follow instructions.  

My hand goes where? 

6. The lover of green juice and kale. 

Your crop top and washboard abs are making the rest of us feel bad. 

7. The friends who always come as a pair. 

Have their own private jokes.  

8. The mum who just comes for a chance to lie down.

If I just shut my eyes for a second.

9.  The solitary man. 

There is only ever one in any class. 

10. The spiritual yogi. 

Wants to talk a lot about mindfullness and that trip to India. 

11. The teacher’s pet. 

Are they paying you extra for this? 

12. The individual who always claps at the end. 

Get in the bin.