Pain After Birth: Dad Recommends 'Vagina Popsicles' For New Mums To Ease Swelling

'Don’t believe me? This is actually a thing.'

A dad has recommended an alternative use of a condom that will help to ease a new mum’s pain and swelling after she has given birth.

Dad Martin Wanless wrote on Direct Advice for Dads website that filling a condom with water, freezing it, then laying it between a new mother’s legs will alleviate pain.

“Make sure you’re stocked up on condoms,” he advised. “Filled with water and frozen, they’re the perfect shape to rest in between new mum’s legs and ease a bit of pain and swelling.

“Don’t believe me? This is actually a thing. Shortly after giving birth in hospital, my wife was taken to a fridge full of frozen condoms.”

So how helpful are these chilly condoms, also known as “vaginal popsicles”?

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We spoke to Michelle Lyne, professional advisor at the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) who said “vaginal popsicles” can work as effectively as a cooling gel pad or ice pack.

“There can be pain and swelling around the vaginal area and perineum - the area between the vagina and anus - after the birth,” she told The Huffington Post UK.

“This can be more acute if there has been any trauma to the perineum. A cooling gel pad or an ice pack placed externally against the perineum can help to relive pain and reduce swelling.

“The normal rules around using an ice pack apply here - including not putting ice directly in contact with the skin.

“The ice needs to be wrapped in a thin gauze and should not be left in place for more than about 10 minutes at a time, because of the risk of frostbite to the affected areas.

“If using an ice pack instead, flattening it will make it easier to apply.”

Lyne explained that “on no account” should these “vaginal popsicles” be placed inside the vagina.

“While there is evidence that cooling the perineum through the use of gel pads and ice packs can alleviate swelling and pain, there is no evidence to support that insertion of one into the vagina has any benefits, and it could cause harm,” she added.

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