Society prefers I talk about how I overcame my obstacles rather than the injustices I face within a world that is not built around the needs of the disabled community.
"Sat trying to hold back tears...the possibility of taking my son to a match is incredible!"
Getting safely in and out of our home is the simplest thing most take for granted, and people with disabilities are living in homes not designed for their needs
Comedian Tanyalee Davis, who was stranded on a train, says she's very excited to trial it.
Historically, disabled people's needs have driven some of the world’s greatest technological innovations - more than ever, we need to ensure that accessibility is dedicated to technical development and thinking
On a daily basis I encounter this baffling irony where people see the wheelchair before they see me, the person, yet fail
Google has added a new 'Wheelchair accessibility' mode to its Maps app.
Google has added a new 'Wheelchair accessibility' mode to its Maps app.
Companies like Apple and Microsoft have been embedding accessibility into their operating systems in recent years, meaning that people can simply switch on the features they need. Yet designers and developers often fail to support these features, meaning that most apps and services are still inaccessible for lots of people with disabilities.