Action for Children

Research found that one in six would scrap the holiday this year if they could.
“What we don’t think of, what we take for granted, what most people might think nothing of – means the world to others."
Study highlights plight of boy, 6, surviving on crisps, sausage rolls and fried chicken.
“I had space in my heart and my home”
Helen talks about when she first realised she was feeling lonely, how her experience shows loneliness can happen to anyone.
Helen De Soyza is a marketing manager at Action for Children, and a mother of two. Despite having an amazingly supportive
In the last year alone, 646,120 children sought out support after suffering from neglect or emotional abuse
Local authorities across the country are at breaking point, and now the strain is falling on children’s services as the devastating
For me, loneliness was enough to make me quit my job and start No Isolation. I had no idea how big the issue really was, and I am still learning. If others are inspired to learn too, then perhaps we will find the answers we so desperately need.
Having a family doesn't protect you from loneliness.