Addiction and Substance Abuse

“Without a doubt, prescription drug addiction is the most hidden addiction in the UK."
These are the substances driving county lines operations and how much Britain’s most popular drugs cost.
A leading researcher at the University of Stirling has described the warning as an 'inevitability'.
As drug deaths reach record levels, we must remember drugs like heroin offer brief but exceptionally powerful relief from mental health problems, addiction expert Adrian Riley writes.
Far from being faceless statistics each death represents an individual, family and community tragedy on a shocking scale, Joanna Cherry writes.
One in 10 people in hospitals are alcohol dependent – yet researchers argue services and support for these patients are limited.
A UK company is developing an alcohol alternative which could give drinkers the sociable, happy buzz that comes from drinking without the hangover the next day. The drug, Alcarelle, is still three years away from a finished bottled product, but the inventors are optimistic it can help tackle the deadly consequences of alcohol misuse, which accounts for 3.3 million deaths globally per year. But charity Alcohol Change UK says the product won’t tackle the root causes of alcohol abuse.
The presenter says there were "no boundaries" during her visits to her mum.
Underlying emotional distress and trauma are often undiagnosed in people with dependency and addiction issues, and in many cases it should be regarded as a mental health problem