Alfred Hitchcock

He is reported to have eaten a contaminated sandwich in Derby.
Before she starred in Hitchcock classics this legendary actor was a successful model.
Source Last week, viewers of Bates Motel, the popular television prequel to Hitchcock's Psycho, were treated to a tantalising
File under vaguely unsettling: This is the moment already stormy skies above Houston were suddenly swarmed by hundreds of
Film trailers = portentous voiceover, something to whet the appetite and at least four major spoilers. Think how amazing it would have been to have watched Jurassic Park with no knowledge that it was about a park of dinosaurs.
More than 450 classic British films - some of which have never been home released before - will be made available for a brand
Hull has finally and deservedly been recognised on a national level and is currently undergoing a much needed renaissance. It would be wonderful if Martin Green and the City of Culture team could take Rank's legacy one step further...
"Women have a propensity for editing," explains Mirren, here getting creative as Hitchcock's wife Alma “It’s when a movie
When Alfred Hitchcock filmed the famous shower scene in 'Pyscho' it may come as a surprise to learn that almost all of it